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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  November 30, 2014 2:30am-3:01am EST

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that is a job killer. i don't know what they are thinking. >> forget about black friday. the best deal of this week is coming upright now. cavuto on business. neil, take it away. millions hitting the road this weekend. now, about to get hit by a tax hike courtesy of the turkey's in washington. i'm neil cavuto. enjoy the low gas prices while you can. revving up in washington say it won't last. the $53 billion highway truck fund needs it. it's not enough to pay for roads and bridges. time to hike the federal tax on every gallon of gas. i'm all for giving money. tell me what you did with the 53 billion bucks in money we gave you. charles is asking the same question. it's making charles ask, why am
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i asking the same question? he's joined by sam, julia, adam is going to be back next week. he's busy traveling the country on a bicycle tour. i'm hoping another rumor that another customer doused him in gasoline and lit him on fire is wrong. we'll keep you posted. charles payne, the gas tax. >> listen, i mean i know the roads and bridges are crumbling but what are they doing with the cash, neil? we have seen so many examples of wasted billions and billions. the stimulus, $800 billion, will pave all the roads. all the bridges will be found. they took the money. they put it out. everywhere you look, the money is wasted. they raise more in the name of doing the right thing, but they don't do the right thing. i still have to pay the toll on the bridge. >> raises the point between
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tolls, what we are giving the states, municipalities, highway funds, local and federal level. >> there are bonds that state -- >> don't get me going on bonds. >> to fix the r more for structure spending, but we need an audit of the trillion dollar stimulus package. where did the money go? i bet it didn't go to roads. my guess is it stayed in the state coughers so they didn't have to lay people off to keep unions employed. i bet they didn't spend much of that on bridges. >> you know, it is interesting, i know we touched on it before. they are all for infrastructure spending on this stuff, infrastructure on the keystone. i'm going to leave that aside. i mention it because i don't want to leave it aside. i want to point out, the money thing.
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what's wrong with saying we are open to give you more money. first tell us what you have done with the money we have given you. >> i don't have a problem with that, fwu gas tax has not gone up 20 years. if you don't get a cost of living increase in social security, people lose their minds. why wouldn't you think the cost of fixing our roads would be going up? at the same time, we are driving more fuel efficient vehicles. it's bringing in less revenue. >> more people are paying that gas tax. >> no, they are not. not that many more. >> how long has it been since the last hike? >> more than 20 years, 1993. >> more americans? >> we do. it's not that many -- but as a source of revenue, it's shrinking. by the way -- >> you want a lock box? >> i want the people who use the roads to pay for it. instead, congress won't raise the gas tax.
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they use general revenue from people who are not using the roads, they take tax dollars from people. i have a problem with that. >> you are finding a nice way to -- >> you don't get to -- >> hey, hey, hey. we have standards. what do you think of this. >> what is past is prolonged, neil. >> amen. >> sir? >> i don't know. go ahead. >> what is past is prolonged and it's always been true there's a lot of waste in highway and bridge construction. there will be a lot of waste in highway and bridge construction. there's a lot of waste in contracting. the numbers are totally right. we have to get more money in there. we are not getting enough from the gas tax right now. it's got to be there. those are the people living in southern california need great highways. >> it's going to go into a pot and a lot of people are going to piss it away. >> a lot of it will be wasted.
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>> god bless you, a lot of it will be wasted. that's true of everything. don't you find in your own life a lot of the money you spend is wasted. wasted all. >> you don't need the pumpkin spice in your latte. >> no, now you can get ginger. >> with standards, i'm learning a new thing every day. i am on board with what you said. the next time charles drives over the bridges and it collapses like in minneapolis, he's going to be sorry he didn't raise the gas tax. >> that assumes that tax is going to go there to do that. >> come on. >> i'm all for putting it, charles can make fun of me all he wants but i'm putting it in the lock box. in new jersey, the fund is broke. the only thing is gas tax is going to is paying interest on bonds. how are you going to fund it?
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what are you doing to do? >> i went through a 50-page report. when they raised the toll on the george washington bridge, which is ast nom cal, a lot of that money does go to other things that have nothing to do with the george washington bridge. >> right. >> it is a farce. this money is wasted and never gets to the projects. in other words, a bait and switch. they say hey, we want to use there for infrastructure. who is against that? the money never makes it. >> not to the degree -- it's getting worse. look at it this way. we spent $1 trillion -- let me tell you what's happening. a trillion dollars on infrastructure. >> i understand. >> the federal government is going to -- >> with all due respect out of the pot -- we have -- they must
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have -- they need the roads and bridges. >> are you saying the stimulus money was effectively spent on roads and bridges? >> no, i'm saying of course there was waste. of course there was waste and mistakes. itis all done by human beings. >> i understand. >> either the federal government is going to take care of the infrastructure problem or it's going to fall on the state. what you are already seeing, if you don't want the federal gas tax going up, the state tax is going up. >> good. good. >> you think the state is going to be handled better? >> they are in such good condition. >> i think the states can handle this better than the federal government, which wasted $1 trillion. >> are you kidding me? >> i don't know. >> the money is going to come from somewhere and it's going to be the driver through more tolls. you are seeing that through higher gas tax at the state level. >> they can't set up a website,
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they are going to fix roads and bridges? >> i lie the federal highway system. that is the greatest achievement in the last century. >> what are you saying? the states can handle this? new jersey is broke. the transportation fund is broke. >> because you spend more money than you take in and you have other things. >> chris christie refuses to raise the gas tax and instead, let me finish my point, instead the sketching accounting. >> why do you keep interrupting charlie who keeps interrupting you? >> come down here. let's duke it out. >> why doesn't texas have a big infrastructure problem. >> very good point at the beginning. we know this abuse and fraud and mismanagement and money going to the wrong places. the federal government is the place this is done. a good deal of that money is going to get to the desired purpose. i just think it's time we stop with that.
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i think it's time we sort of re-examine the books, follow the procedure and account for the 53 billion that's gone missing. we are not to roads and bridges. >> we could do that. more money is going to be needed and the people who use the roads are dog gone going to pay for it. that's what they are fighting. people who drive are going to pay for it. >> i'll end with that. >> first of all a lot of money is being wasted still. again, to your point, it's not a matter of weather or not people want bridges and tunnels, it's the farce being perpetrated over and over again. hey, government, we give you the green light. we are okay with it. >> the tax and spending, you are going to cut $15 billion a year in a budget where the roads are crumbling. try to do that. >> cut the spending and then take -- >> demanded accountability for every penny.
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i'm going to provide that for viewers on the website. this sum or what appears to be a disappropriate sum at a fast food restaurant. i'm telling you, look at how it breaks down. i'll provide it free of charge. >> do you think you are paying government employees to work for you? how about the unions? the forbes game on the big bill to help out big labor in a few minutes. up next, the chuck get chucked. the white house thing was all mutual, but is this break up mutual, but is this break up
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announcer: a message from the foundation for a better life.
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back to cavuto on business. that was a scene at the white house earlier this week as yet another rat was abandoning ship. chuck hagel was announcing his resignation. a lot of people saying that was not this week. prove it. all right. am i that far off? what do you think? >> no. chuck hagel, harry reid. with respect to chuck hagel, listen, what it reminds me of is he's got to be surrounded by -- this is like a ceo, the board of director --
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>> i provide these free of charge. >> one person says i think you might have done this wrong or we miscalculated isis. out! get him out! >> well, what happened there? the third defense secretary in his term. not unprecedented, but it is getting to be routine. >> maybe not. there were reports he wasn't as well liked as leon panetta and gates prior to him. >> oh, those guys were stellar and write best sellers. >> he has communications for the white house. the white house didn't like him, he didn't like the white house, to boil it down. we always criticize people in government and the administration for not cutting somebody loose. people don't get kicked to the curb -- >> that's a fair criticism. we are going to jump on them for moving slow at the v.a. fair enough. >> this is more corporate
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behavior. >> it would be nice if he was asked because of the v.a. he went out because he didn't like the slow response to isis. >> among other things. >> that was the first day. >> there were others. >> i don't know. i think it's isis. >> we should point out that this wasn't the gentleman who called isis the jv team, it was the president. it's bigger than it appears. >> i notice you never gave obama the benefit, ever. >> i do. he's a great family guy. >> ben? >> it seems to me, as a nation, it has to be a national commitment something like fighting a world war. i think mr. hagel was for it. he was one of the first secretary of defense never to be a noncome, not an officer.
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he tells it as we see it. >> very good point. obvious think administration didn't like him. >> i have had mutual break ups like that. >> the story of my high school dating life. we move on. >> that was not a mutual break up. this speaks to a larger problem. the obama administration has a lack of clarity of what the foreign policy is. replacing chuck hagel isn't going to clear it up. it has to come from the left side. >> amen to what julie said. amen and hallelujah. >> i thought you were nodding off. >> looking for a scapegoat. the president is looking for a scapegoat. >> it wasn't going to get better. >> i know that. >> doesn't it feel like scapegoating? >> i have to tell you, though -- all of these changes embolden isis and our enemies.
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they have to be laughing at what's going on. >> do you think isis is like good, we got rid of hagel? >> no, they will be on their fourth defense secretary in this president -- listen, that's not strategy. when there's no strategy, it's when they dominate. when we look -- >> when there's no commitments to fight the war on our side. we have to be as committed as we were after pearl harbor. >> good point. we have to go to a break. good stuff. think about all the calories. next time you go out, the food police will make sure you don't have to choice. >> i don't know if i can. i'm a yo yo dieter. yo, hot dog man, yo
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and chew on this. the next time you go to the movies you will know exactly how many calories are in that tub of popcorn. good to know. >> this is low-fat pop corn, i've heard. >>that mnsa lot. thanks to these new government mandates on any chain serving food including movie theater, not necessarily the ones that guests go to, you'll see the calories, stop from ordering it. they're there, will you think twice about whether you should. we all know your answer. >> i'm repulsed. watching him eat popcorn at the same time. >> make a difference, if you -- kind of a good idea, that there are a lot of calories, say in buttered popcorn. >> this is not buttered popcorn.
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so much is common sense. you know me. i like some of the health stuff that the obama administration is -- like some of what michelle obama wants to do, teaching kids thousand eat healthy. some is getting to point it's common sense and the federal government, it's spread so thin that it can't use the google to figure how many calorie, in something, you have a little problem at se pintejus wenff, become as personal responsibility. i think mcdonald's is garbage food, but -- >> they have a lot of stuff. >> you go there, you know what you're eating. eating garbage. >> calories displayed here in new york city. i have no problem it with it. go a step further. when you go into a store, i want somebody yelling you, keep eating that corn muffinin two months you're going to gain ten pounds. i want -- people need to -- we're an obese country. >> is it too much? julie, too much or just a reminder? you know going into it that,
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hey, you know, this is not low calorie fare. facts?what's if you want, like charlie said, go out eat a big mac and pig out. >> why can't you look it up yourself? >> maybe if i'm a 15-year-old kid i might not be able to have access to the google. >> come on! my 9-year-old nephew is already into it. >> believe it or not, charlie, a lot of poor people don't have access. >> oh, come on. poor people thing. aye-yi-yi. >> what's the problem? >> a lot of charons don't prominently display their calories online because they don't wan want you to know and i can name names if you'd like. >> what about butter? >> charlie, how many would change their mind if they knew, oh, my god. >> people cut calories by 6% and a couple years later don't gish a damn. 15-year-olds know what's fat and not fattening. this is dumb government overreach. paternalism run amuck. the kind of reason we have gigantic issues in this world
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and our government is worried about calorie count it's because we don't know the difference between the damn big mac and an apple. julie, you can't be this condescending to the american public. >> it's not. all i want is information. go ahead and ignore it, ignore it. i don't care. i want the information. >> and overweight people -- >> i'm sick of -- >> most of these places -- >> you don't know a pumpkin spice latte is bad for you? >> pumpkin adds a good 20 calories i. have no clues is it 100, 500? i have no idea. >> what do you make of that? a, condescending as can be? b, thin edge of the wedge, government control. every child does a big mac, it's a lot of calories. people eat for other reasons other than nourishment. compulsions. no think we can fight them. >> i love to know vin eats his feelings. >> no. not after your answer.
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>> my thanks to dagen and charlie and thank my good friend julie, a good sport this half hour. up next, stocks in november, good. good. a pick for december.
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[group of girls talking] hi hi ♪shine, come on and let it shine♪ ♪knock me out, make me feel alive♪ hi she actually said hi to you! ♪you've got what it takes oh, yeah ♪you've got what it takes ♪shine on me today all right. stocks that make a december to remember. xharls? >> a case, smell the coffee. at least s 2 han share. love it. >> and make warn buffett your partner, do it.
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>> ben, quit thought on markets at this level? heldy or not? >> they're hot. i think they're high, but, i do not look for 2015 to be a good year but over a long period of time, which a man like mr. gasparino has, it will be great. >> all right. we shall see. searching for leaders to unite us to succeed. not divide us to fail. take polly williams for example. spent her last days bringing people of all stripes together to fight for underprivileged kids. helping give parents the freedom to chooses schools that would help their kids succeed, not the ones the government forced on them. in the face of ferguson violence, do we need more leaders like polly williams today? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "cashin' in"."." my panel is with me. david, spent a week and a half in ferguson. just arrived from ferguson. was there anybody there spreading a message li


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